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Join The Mustang Heritage Adoption Campaign-

Join the Mustang Heritage Foundation Power of $1 campaign to support mustang adoption. The Mustang Heritage Foundation is celebrating the feat of reaching 100,000 Facebook fans by challenging them, and you, to contribute $1 to support current mustang training and adoption programs. MHF programs focus on gentling and preparing previously wild mustangs for adoption. Your contribution will directly support our adoption efforts. Since 2007 the Mustang Heritage Foundation has successfully placed over 5,500 BLM held mustangs into private care, saving tax payers millions of dollars and changing the lives of thousands of horses and their companions.

Join the campaign today! You can also support the Foundation by participating as either a trainer or adopter. To learn more about the work of the Foundation or to get involved in a training program, visit
The Mustang Heritage Foundation (MHF) mission is to increase adoption of wild horses held in the Bureau of Land Management's corrals and long term holding facilities. The BLM is currently responsible for more than 50,000 horses in short term and long term care. For more info please check out

Recent Donations

Name Amount Comment
Peyton Hix $50.00
Kris Davis $75.00
Jennifer Pierson $20.00
Jennifer Pierson $25.00 Being the first to donate on my page! Thank You God for this opportunity to reach out to people & horses for Your glory!
Tom Casselman $75.00
Lucie Price $100.00
Anonymous Donor $500.00 I attended my first "Makeover" in Ft Worth this Sept. I think of the hours and hours of effort that the youth put into their horses. Amazing bonding. Responsibility and character-building at its best! I consider this a small investment in our future.
Beverly and Joe Manroe/Maxwell $20.00 In Honor of Matt and Karen Manroe
Anonymous Donor $20.00
Anonymous Donor $10.00
Stacey Hoyt $20.00 God Bless you for trying to save our heritage in these incredible horses.
Erica Hughes $10.00 yay for horses!
Gary Griffith $20.00
Suzanne Cory $50.00 Glad to help with the effort to train and place these potentially very fine horses . I have myself successfully adopted 5 from BLM herds over past 6 years at California adoption events. I continue to feel enriched by the experience. My adoptees, though
Ian Patterson $50.00 Great work from here in England.
Anonymous Donor $35.00
Jenny Whitman $55.00 Friends of Bear Creek Stables in Los Gatos CA is donating this money from a tack sale.
Danielle Dabkowski $10.00 For 2 names!
Mary Gates $20.00 Titanium
Diane France $10.00 Volar in Spanish means "to fly"
CHRISTY HAWES $10.00 Samba (sexy Brazilian Dance 'somba') He's a pretty boy!
Rachel OConnell-Wickersham $20.00 Being your new fella is from Wyoming, how about something with a Native American meaning? Mo'ehno'ha means horse in Cheyenne language...could cal him Mo for short :)
Kallyn Stevens $5.00 Lucero - he was a wonderful horse who belonged to a friend of mine.
Kyrra Stevens $10.00 Zephyr - west wind, a gentle breeze (from Greek Mythology)
Jamie Dion $5.00 Rollo! Because it's a cool Viking/Norse name. Bet there aren't too many mustangs named after Vikings :-)
Mary Duke $20.00 In keeping with your "numbers" theme (Diez was your number 10 horse), we went with an "eleven" name. My vote is Apollo (for Apollo 11 - first manned space craft). Dusty's vote is Ace (in blackjack an ace can be a one or an eleven). Bes
Anonymous Donor $10.00 My name for your new MUSTANG is Flame or Boots
Fred and Jan Angotti $20.00 We Miss you Poky
Tauna Grinager $20.00 I miss you, Poky!
Stephanie Wells $10.00
Emily Angotti $125.00 In memory of Poky, an amazing mustang.
Diana Hawes $10.00 Jessica We are good friends of your in-laws. My granddaughter and I have watched all of your postings on Dietz and are now hooked. Loving it! We are happy to enter your contest. What a great idea!
Ben Clark $51.00 This is a Donation from Bango INC
Susie Donaldson $10.00 I like Dee's idea - if I win, my two suggested names go to Jessica.
Dee Bundy $10.00 I'd like two 'blank' entries and if mine are chosen then Jessica gets to pick the most fitting name from the other entries since she knows him best. Can I do that?
Anne Chalmers $25.00
Gindee Dabkowski $5.00 My name for your new mustang is Majestic.
Anonymous Donor $5.00
Ana Andrick $10.00 Hummer: really like the name and looks like your mustang is gonna be tall. Huaso (Wahso) means cowboy/horseman in Spanish. Huaso is also the name of a record setting Chilean jumper. It will be the name of my next horse ;)
Ron Dabkowski $10.00 Camanchi Cherokee
Brigid Piccaro $10.00 Great idea!!!! Kajika- meaning "Walks without sound" Native American Barn name: Kaj And it's the 11th letter!
Anonymous Donor $10.00 Denio is my pick (Louise) Denio is known as "Mustang Country" in Northern Nevada. Ford is Bernis's pick as is Ford Mustang (lol!)
Bob Dabkowski $5.00 my name suggestion is Frank
Paul W Guyton $20.00 I am a veteran and honored to work for the VA as a case manager for a portion of veterans in residential care for medical, mental health, and addiction treatment. Love horses & want to help save them. Last as a cancer survivor, want to own one soo
Amanda Olsen $50.00 I am making this donation in memory of my Uncle Jim Boy
Karen Young $20.00
cory cochran $5.00
Donna Ulrich $10.00
Spirit Song Youth Equestrian Academy McAlexander $100.00 In HONOR of our treasured 21 year old Mustang, "Montana From Nevada", who bonds with and takes care of any child coming to our Academy who truly "needs" what Tana-man has to offer - building TRUST one ride at a time.
Anonymous Donor $2000.00 Mustang Mentors
Mustang Heritage Foundation
PO Box 979 Georgetown, TX 78627