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The Mustang Heritage Foundation 

Join the Mustang Heritage Foundation Power of $1 campaign to support mustang adoption. The Mustang Heritage Foundation is celebrating the feat of reaching 100,000 Facebook fans by challenging them, and you, to contribute $1 to support current mustang training and adoption programs. MHF programs focus on gentling and preparing previously wild mustangs for adoption. Your contribution will directly support our adoption efforts. Since 2007 the Mustang Heritage Foundation has successfully placed over 5,500 BLM held mustangs into private care, saving tax payers millions of dollars and changing the lives of thousands of horses and their companions.

Join the campaign today! You can also support the Foundation by participating as either a trainer or adopter. To learn more about the work of the Foundation or to get involved in a training program, visit
The Mustang Heritage Foundation (MHF) mission is to increase adoption of wild horses held in the Bureau of Land Management's corrals and long term holding facilities. The BLM is currently responsible for more than 50,000 horses in short term and long term care. For more info please check out

Recent Donations

Name Amount Comment
Teri Rauhut $10.00
Sara Bent $100.00
Anonymous Donor $10.00
Dave and Mary Moore $500.00 In memory of KellyMoore; may her bucket list live on.
Sarah Bedford $195.00 Special Thanks to all my friends who donated for my 6th Birthday Party: Sammy, Clara, Lessa, Teagan, Mason, Noa, Sam, Cora, Caroline, Wippie, Nate, Bethany and Aunta!!
Anonymous Donor $25.00 For Kelly Moore
Kris & Heidi Schmid $100.00 In memory of a friend and our shared love of horses.
Cristina B $5.00
John Coles $50.00
Heather and Jimmy Williams $100.00 For Kelly's dream.
Donna Rounsaville $25.00 Scott, may you find comfort through this effort - May Kelly rest in peace.
Lisa Schultz $10.00
MARY-HELEN MCMAHON $50.00 Happy Birthday Sarah. What a generous spirit you have!
Anonymous Donor $20.00
Dad & Barbara Coles $500.00 Hopefully this will help with some more "Kaleighs".
Sally Calcaterra $50.00 Happy Birthday Sarah...what a great idea to help save the Mustangs. Love, Aunt Sally and Uncle Harvey
Del-Val NAVHDA Del-Val NAVHDA $100.00
Chris Coles $100.00 In Memory of Kelly Moore <3
Linda Finne $50.00 In memory of Kelly Moore
Eric & Vicky Hockman $250.00 In memory of Kelly, whose love for horses lives on.
David DeVito $50.00 In memory of Kelly Moore
John Beck $20.00
Geof and Karen Ferrer $250.00 For Kelly's dream.
Valerie Byers $10.00 Donated on behalf of my dearly departed horse Sprocket.
Martha McMahon $100.00 HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH! I am so proud of you and your giving heart. Love, Nema and Uppa
Yolanda Chapman $20.00 I love wild Mustangs and believe in these horses. Every bit helps.
Linda Powell $60.00 Happy Birthday!!
Lee Munk $5.00 I love horses.
Mercedes Munksgaard $5.30 We believe in the Mustang Heritage Foundation and we care about horses.
Brenda Paulson $20.00 Thanks for all you do for our wonderful wild mustangs!
Kate Grygiel $25.00 Happy Valentine's Day, from me and my mustang Vixen
Krista Eichler $1.00
Andrea North Shore friends of the Brand $205.00 Our great group of equestrian minded people who got together to watch Unbranded and raise some money for this amazing cause!
James Cannova $100.00 We adopted a 4 year old mare, today at the Pensacola fl. event. She is now on her way to a TIP trainer, The tip trainer also offers finishing work and will continue to train Pepper till she is ready to join our 3 other horses. Thanks
Melissa Cornell $100.00 Love my Mustangs.
Anonymous Donor $20.00
angela steadman $30.00
Cynthia Olson $50.00
Judith M. Rowe $100.00
Anonymous Donor $5.00 Thank You for all you do for the Mustangs
Koni Leo $5.00
Vanessa Hansen $2.00 We can do this!!! ??????
Deb Kravitz $60.00 Donating in honor of Ben Masters and his wonderful book and film, Unbranded.
Clair Jerilyn $10.00 Donation made in memory of Jerilyn I. Clair
TASHA GREENWOOD $5.00 These beautiful animals deserve a safe and sensible option since we are invading their lands (home). There is enough land, we just have to work together for their sake.
James and Lynn Nickell $50.00
Kris Davis $50.00
Tom and Gayle Casselman $150.00 Thanks for your continued good works! IMO, your organization has done more than most to bring a spotlight onto mustangs, esp. with the EMM s.Just wish many more people could much more quickly be made aware of the dire, and unfair, situation for mustangs.
Texas A&M Press Editorial Dept. $150.00
Doug Farber $25.00
Mustang Heritage Foundation
PO Box 979 Georgetown, TX 78627