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The Mustang Heritage Foundation 

Join the Mustang Heritage Foundation Power of $1 campaign to support mustang adoption. The Mustang Heritage Foundation is celebrating the feat of reaching 100,000 Facebook fans by challenging them, and you, to contribute $1 to support current mustang training and adoption programs. MHF programs focus on gentling and preparing previously wild mustangs for adoption. Your contribution will directly support our adoption efforts. Since 2007 the Mustang Heritage Foundation has successfully placed over 5,500 BLM held mustangs into private care, saving tax payers millions of dollars and changing the lives of thousands of horses and their companions.

Join the campaign today! You can also support the Foundation by participating as either a trainer or adopter. To learn more about the work of the Foundation or to get involved in a training program, visit
The Mustang Heritage Foundation (MHF) mission is to increase adoption of wild horses held in the Bureau of Land Management's corrals and long term holding facilities. The BLM is currently responsible for more than 50,000 horses in short term and long term care. For more info please check out

Recent Donations

Name Amount Comment
James Cannova $100.00 We adopted a 4 year old mare, today at the Pensacola fl. event. She is now on her way to a TIP trainer, The tip trainer also offers finishing work and will continue to train Pepper till she is ready to join our 3 other horses. Thanks
Melissa Cornell $100.00 Love my Mustangs.
Anonymous Donor $20.00
angela steadman $30.00
Cynthia Olson $50.00
Judith M. Rowe $100.00
Anonymous Donor $5.00 Thank You for all you do for the Mustangs
Koni Leo $5.00
Vanessa Hansen $2.00 We can do this!!! ??????
Deb Kravitz $60.00 Donating in honor of Ben Masters and his wonderful book and film, Unbranded.
Clair Jerilyn $10.00 Donation made in memory of Jerilyn I. Clair
TASHA GREENWOOD $5.00 These beautiful animals deserve a safe and sensible option since we are invading their lands (home). There is enough land, we just have to work together for their sake.
James and Lynn Nickell $50.00
Kris Davis $50.00
Tom and Gayle Casselman $150.00 Thanks for your continued good works! IMO, your organization has done more than most to bring a spotlight onto mustangs, esp. with the EMM s.Just wish many more people could much more quickly be made aware of the dire, and unfair, situation for mustangs.
Texas A&M Press Editorial Dept. $150.00
Doug Farber $25.00
Anonymous Donor $125.00
Steve Fritzsche $10.00
christina scherer $205.00
Vickie Walker $50.00 This donation is made in honor of our family and our love for animals at Christmas and always.
Anonymous Donor $25.00
Perry Holtsberry $10.00 Wonderful program, more people need to know about this.
Matt Manroe $25.00 Merry Christmas from Bev and Joe
Amanda Maxwell $25.00 Merry Christmas
Mary & Scott Fountain $150.00
jacqueline stiglich $10.00 I'd also like to buy the movie, "Unbranded" but can't figure out where to buy it.
Anonymous Donor $500.00
ISABELLA Goodwin $100.00 From Scotland UK
Linda & John Cavanagh $60.00 We need to get these lovely animals trained and to their new homes.
Anonymous Donor $25.00
Anonymous Donor $2.00
Gail Donahue $10.00 I hope this ten dollars ($10.00) helps
Genie Gard $100.00
Anonymous Donor $10.00
Anonymous Donor $20.00
Elizabeth M Tucker $20.00 My top 10 and top 15 EMM Mustangs have enhanced my life beyond any expectation. My wild boys Pilgrim, Scratch, Bleu Gene, and Mare email.com will have a forever home. This is an incredibly worthwhile program, and I am proud to have been a part of it. Liz
Kelly Militello $60.00 I am donating half my proceeds to you and half to Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary from being a promoter of the Unbranded film screening in Buffalo, NY in September! Blessing to all involved in that film to help out these wonderful horses & to you all too
Val Cooper $25.00
Skyler Epperson $100.00 Donated in the name of the UNBRANDED FILM.
Maria Gross $33.00 Please help save these beautiful animals that have served us and died for us, since the beginning of time! They once roamed free across America. Now they are penned up & put to death! ????????????????????????
Suzanne Russell $25.00 I have always loved horses, even though I never got to own one. They are special and they helped settle this country. They deserve humane and loving treatment.
Kelsey Wulf $5.00
DEBORAH Sweet $100.00 Thanks to "unbranded" movie, awareness of mustangs in captivity waiting to be adopted is clearer for me and others I have shared with. A good dream for me to adopt some gentled mustangs someday….
Lydia Smith $1.00 Once I get more money I will donate a lot more! I love my mustang and want to help more of them find homes!
Clint Hayden $350.00 You all do excellent work. All the personnel in your organization that I have been associated with are outstanding individuals. Janine and I are glad we can help a bit.
Joan Sensintaffar $30.00 This donation has been made in honor of my friend Brooke Bogacz in celebration of her birthday. Rocky (my BLM mustang) and I wish you a wonderful year!
Amy Allmond $10.00 Mustangs are a noble and magestic animal that we must save and preserve.
Shawnda Whittaker $25.00
Sierra Stewart $5.00 Worthy cause!
Mustang Heritage Foundation
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