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Join The Mustang Heritage Adoption Campaign-

Join the Mustang Heritage Foundation Power of $1 campaign to support mustang adoption. The Mustang Heritage Foundation is celebrating the feat of reaching 100,000 Facebook fans by challenging them, and you, to contribute $1 to support current mustang training and adoption programs. MHF programs focus on gentling and preparing previously wild mustangs for adoption. Your contribution will directly support our adoption efforts. Since 2007 the Mustang Heritage Foundation has successfully placed over 5,500 BLM held mustangs into private care, saving tax payers millions of dollars and changing the lives of thousands of horses and their companions.

Join the campaign today! You can also support the Foundation by participating as either a trainer or adopter. To learn more about the work of the Foundation or to get involved in a training program, visit
The Mustang Heritage Foundation (MHF) mission is to increase adoption of wild horses held in the Bureau of Land Management's corrals and long term holding facilities. The BLM is currently responsible for more than 50,000 horses in short term and long term care. For more info please check out

Recent Donations

Name Amount Comment
Mike Wallace $5.00 Let's get them out of holding and adopted out to good homes!!
Catherine Betley $10.00 We are Raise The Nar Ranch, currently setting up to take on mustangs in holding areas, put some fundamental training into them and start them in diciplines they show a talent for all with the goal to get them into the hands of horsemen and women who can a
Debi Brown $10.00 Thank you, MHF, for all you do to help keep the Mustangs alive and adoptable. And, a huge thank you to all the terrific trainers! Someday I hope to have the privilege of adopting one of those beautiful Mustangs!
Karen McDonald $100.00 Wow! Loved the Nampa Event!
Linda Farragher $10.00
Lacey Williams $10.00
DeAnne H. $1.00
Deborah Colanino $20.00 I am finally at a place in my life where my dream of adopting a mutang is possible.I am so excited!
Shelly Brown $5.00 <3 Mustangs <3
Kelly Nichols $10.00
lori davis $25.00 Donating a small amount can do so much to save the lives of the wild mustangs. How about a dollar, for such a great cause?
Lynn Ciavarini $5.00 Good Luck! I will share with others.
Mary Dennison $1.00
Lauren Murphy $5.00
Steve Kohlmann $1.00
Lisa Duntley $3.00 I hope there is some way to get mustangs into homes where they will not be passed around or end up in the hands of kill buyers.
Toni Wilhite $10.00
Eileen Cain $5.00
Anonymous Donor $10.00
Kathleen Makray $5.00
Sandy Stutley $5.00 This is such a great cause, I challenge everyone who reads this to donate at least $1.00
Kristine Castillo $25.00 I love my mustangs! Collectively we make a difference.
Sharon Williams $10.00
Sarah Dickinson $10.00 Thank you for all you do for the Mustangs!
Kathy A Johnson $1.00
Colleen Whitney $5.00 New England Horse Properties donates in memory of Pal, our mustang.
Kelly Hurst $2.00
Barry Andrews $1.00
Sandra Padilla $5.00
Elyse Clark $20.00 A very worthy cause!
Jodi walker $10.00 i love these horses and pray for great homes for them !
Nancy Keen $10.00
Stacey Dieck $5.00 Many prayers for all the mustangs. Wish I could donate a million!!
Mike Wallace $5.00 Glad to help give these great horses a safe & permanent home
Anonymous Donor $5.00
Lisa Evans $5.00
Dale Castello $1.00
Bobby Kerr $25.00
Marguerite Hayber $10.00 I have followed and supported Geoff Goodson as he has done 2 Extreme Mustang competitions. He has another mustang, Stella, right now that he will be showing in Topsfield, MA in August'
Anonymous Donor $1.00
Maureen Quinlan $5.00 God help our Mustangs! Thanks to those who love and help them.
Susan Hawkins $5.00
Pat Robinson $10.00 Come on "Fans"...lets all work together to meet the goal!
Linda Cofield $10.00 Happy to contribute.
Anonymous Donor $25.00 To keep the adoption campaign momentum. Keep up the good work. I had the fortune years ago to train one of these wonderful horses and it was a delight; intelligent, loyal and so willing once the trust was formed. I am hoping for the opportunity again some
Laureen Bartfield $10.00
Sandi Petee $10.00
Jennifer Nelson $1.00
Eileen Tidwell $5.00
kathy goodrich $1.00
Mustang Heritage Foundation
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